AdAsia Agency Tour 2020 (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand)


Note: We’re always committed to the well-being and growth of our employees, customers and stakeholders, which is why we will not be canceling the agency tour (no way are we denying our customers and partners an opportunity to learn), but will be turning our agency tour into an online workshop.

AdAsia (a part of AnyMind Group), will be heading to agencies in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, to host workshop sessions that deep-dive into private marketplace (PMP) deals, from deal type selection and PMP optimization, to deal troubleshooting and leveraging on the various features available on different platforms.

The agenda includes:

  • How to make PMPs work
  • What is the best kind of set up you should ask for from your supply partner
  • What type of deal to select in which situation
  • When is it best to have an audience selection and when is it best to choose contextual placements
  • How can you best work with a publisher to activate deals
  • What usually happens during a deal troubleshoot and how to usually resolve these sort of issues
  • Activating on different platforms and how to best leverage the features from the different SSPs
  • What is the best kind of optimization technique
  • Tools to discover supply efficiently and seamlessly

Also, we’re open to discussing and advising on any burning questions that you may have as well.

Schedule is as follows:
Singapore: 25-28 February 2020
Malaysia: 2-4 March 2020
Thailand: 18-20 March 2020
*The session will be done at the agency’s office.

We still have some available slots open, and sessions require a minimum of four traders/specialists to start.

Simply reach out to to book your slot today!

AdAsia agency tour 2020

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