Publisher event round-up: AdAsia Hangout- Facing Online Media Challenges


With a focus on delivering greater transparency, efficiency and education in the advertising ecosystem, AdAsia Holdings hosted an event for publishers and online media owners in Indonesia to drive increased understanding of site monetization and advertising optimization in the Jakarta office last month.

Publishers are now facing a quickly-evolving landscape and increased challenges, and the topics discussed revolved around viewability, brand safety, and the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as a new revenue maximization tool.

Starting off with the first session by Febric Fitriansyah, Business Development Executive from Publisher Engagement, AdAsia Holdings, Fitriansyah shared about the increased importance of viewability to advertisers, and how the demand for greater viewability is growing rapidly in Indonesia.

The use of programmatic in advertising is one of the biggest factors that has led to the rapid growth of online publisher revenues. According to PubMatic, Indonesia is the fastest-growing market in programmatic ad spending in 2019.

With a strong focus on what advertisers are looking for, Priskila Ifke, Manager of Publisher Engagement for AdAsia Holdings, developed more from the previous session, sharing about why ecosystem transparency is important, and how publishers can build trust with advertisers through brand safety.

Next up was a guest presentation by Ferdian Gunawan, Strategic Partner Manager for Google Indonesia. Centering around the topic of AMPs – a web component framework and a website publishing technology developed by Google – Gunawan shared with publishers how they can maximize the revenue they can generate from their content.

To further deep-dive into the topics discussed, the speakers were joined on a panel discussion with Hitoshi Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer for AnyMind Group. The panelists also opened up questions to the floor, discussion and deliberating top-of-mind topics for publishers in Indonesia – bringing a candid discussion element to proceedings.

Attending publishers and online media owners in Indonesia were provided with a bridge of knowledge into what advertisers are looking for, feasible next steps and actionable insights – ultimately taking another step towards driving the advertising ecosystem towards greater growth.

At AdAsia Holdings, we’re always looking to empower advertisers and publishers for further growth – be it through technology or by providing education to the industry. We hope to see you at our next event!

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