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Digital Marketing Platform

Powerful marketing tools and solutions at your fingertips

Tap on AnyDigital to reach audiences across desktop and mobile web, in-app and DOOH. Additionally, our experts can help you drive strategy, planning and operations.

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What we do

Borderless marketing

A platform that provides you with unparalleled reach in Asia across publishers, devices and mediums to reach your target customer.

In addition to providing our platform, tap on vertical local experts that understand market nuances to elevate your marketing initiatives.

Marketers and advertisers now have a one-stop solution for powerful digital marketing.

Borderless marketing


Supercharged products across domains

  • Digital marketing platform

    One-stop platform for digital marketing effectiveness.

    Consolidate your digital marketing performance and omnichannel data into a single platform and collectively analyze results of your marketing.

    • Manage performance data across platforms

    • Highly customizable dashboard

    • Advertising via our premium ad marketplace

    • High-quality inventory with ad fraud detection and high viewability

    • Rich media formats

  • DOOH

    Effective and measurable out-of-home advertising

    Leverage on DOOH advertising that enables you to visualize and analyze effectiveness. From checking available inventory to setting up campaigns and tracking performance - all through a single platform.

    • Programmatic digital signage ad delivery

    • Measurement through AnyDigital

    • Easy reporting

    • One-stop platform for DOOH

  • Mobile marketing

    Powerful in-app marketing at your fingertips

    Access one of Asia's largest mobile advertising platforms, linked to over a thousand domestic and international mobile games and applications.

    • Supports branding and performance objectives

    • Used by major local and global advertisers

    • One of the largest mobile ad inventories in Asia

    • Unique video ad formats

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One-stop solution for marketing

  • Digital marketing

    Our team of experts can help you maximize ROI from strategic design and media planning, to optimization and analysis.

  • AnyDigital Premium Marketplace

    Tap on high-quality web and app publishers from across the region, providing you with unparalleled reach.

  • Creative and video production

    Leverage on a team that produces content for businesses and influencers to drive your creative needs.

  • Social media management and analytics

    Use AnyTag's SNS analytics to gain insights into your own channels, and tap on resources for planning, content creation, posting and more.

  • Influencer marketing

    Synergize your campaigns with influencer marketing activations through AnyTag and our team of influencer marketing experts.

  • AnyTag marketplace

    Utilize a robust marketplace to drive scalable influencer marketing campaigns - from nano-influencers to macro-influencers

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