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Effective solutions to supercharge marketing efforts.

About Our Solutions

Multifaceted strategy design and deployment for borderless marketing

Tap on various solutions across digital marketing, social media marketing and influencer marketing, to maximize medium and long-term effectiveness


Digital marketing campaigns

Effective digital marketing through proprietary platforms and ad marketplace.

Our expert team maximizes the ROI of our platforms - from strategy design and media planning for online and offline, to optimization and improvement analysis.

  • Digital strategy design

    Our team works with you to develop scalable strategies - from objective planning to STP and customer journey mapping.

  • Communication strategy design

    Leverage on a team of local experts to design optimal communication strategies that resound in your market

  • Data strategy design

    Design of your marketing data architecture, including analysis, utilization and advertising through first-party data.

  • Media planning

    Build on our premium ad marketplace and develop effective media plans.

  • Operation and improvement

    Optimize creative and delivery by analyzing and improving delivery results to optimize KPIs.

  • Reporting

    Real-time reporting through the AnyDigital platform, providing you with detailed analysis and insights.

  • Next-step planning

    Our team works with you to design optimal next steps for medium to long-term brand and business growth.

  • International expansion

    Leverage on our team of experts for your cross-border marketing.


AnyDigital Premium Marketplace

High-quality inventory from top tier publishers across the region

Reach audiences across top tier publishers in the region through programmatic direct, PMPs and open bidding.

  • Premium web publishers

    Access high-quality and viewable web inventory with proprietary and unique ad formats.

  • Premium app publishers

    Tap high-quality in-app inventory globally with mobile ad formats that enhance user experience.

  • DOOH

    Access measurable DOOH inventory and gain insights into key attributes around ad effectiveness.

  • High-quality ad inventory

    An ad marketplace that prioritizes viewable and safe inventory.


Creative and video production

Produce optimal creatives based on data

Our creative team has a wealth of experience in creating ads and videos for businesses and content for influencers, Enabling us to help you create the best creatives for your needs.

  • Data-driven conceptualization

    Effective creative planning utilizing past performance data in creative production

  • Strategic design for maximizing impact

    Analyze creative impact depending on platform and type of post, and design a strategy that maximizes ad effectiveness.

  • Elite creative team

    An elite team that has worked on major ad campaigns and social media channels with hundreds and thousands of followers.

  • Comprehensive solution for creative production

    Our team can cater across initiatives including planning, script writing, video production and editing, and more.


Social media account management

Strategic social media account management services to drive your social media presence.

We provide a complete solution that builds on our social media tools, including setting up of channels to concept planning, content creation, posting and analysis.

  • Complementary access to social media tools

    Access our social media analytics platform to better understand your brand's social media activities and impact.

  • Strategy design including KPIs and tactics

    Comprehensive design from tactics to posting schedule, including KPIs and operational policies depending on your objectives and operational requirements.

  • Creatives that resound

    From copywriting to creative, we create content that resounds with your target audience.

  • In-depth analysis and improvements

    Accelerate effective improvement cycles with constantly reviewed measures and next-step planning based on deep insights and analysis.


Influencer marketing

Tap on one of the most powerful influencer marketing platforms in the world.

Building on top of our platform, you can easily leverage dedicated resources that look to understand your brand's story and analyze target user insights to develop effective strategies catered to your brand.

  • Discovery sessions

    We'll look to understand your brand's unique story, communication strategies and future plans.

  • Core fan and target audience analysis

    Analyze differences and overlaps between brand perception by core fans through social listening and tribe analysis.

  • Strategy design

    Based on initial analysis through our platform, we'll design optimal strategies and content, channels, KPIs and more.

  • Influencer selection

    Apart from self-selecting influencers, our team can also help you identify through target audience, engagement and other attributes.

  • Influencer relations

    Aside from using our platform to manage influencers, tap on our team for negotiations, product delivery, influencer briefs and more.

  • Reporting

    Get all your influencer marketing campaign and audience data in real-time, including your own social media accounts.

  • Next-step planning

    Our team can help you scale your influencer marketing activities by designing medium and long-term expansion of initiatives.

  • Thorough analysis and improvement

    Accelerate effective PDCA cycles by reviewing measures and designing next-steps based on insights received from campaigns.


AnyTag marketplace

Driving word-of-mouth leveraging on influencers from nano to macro-influencers.

Through the marketplace function on AnyTag, influencers can join campaigns to create user-generated content on social media, enabling you to quickly scale your campaigns across influencers and geographies.

  • End-to-end influencer marketing execution

    AnyTag provides you with a single platform for influencer marketing, from influencer activiation and draft approvals, to reporting and payment.

  • Single source for payments

    AnyTag consolidates local and international payment to influencers through a single platform.

  • User-generated content dissemination

    Leveraging on UGC, marketers can leverage on influencers to easily disseminate information that directly reaches users.

  • Various possibilities

    Tap on influencers for varied needs, including product sampling, events and attracting footfall.

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