Professional Services

Unlock the full capabilities of modern marketing through dedicated local teams across Asia.
We provide you with the resources and expertise to stay on top of an always-evolving modern marketing landscape.

Unlock your modern marketing today.


AnyMind Group's solutions are connected with a diverse range of leading DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, ad exchanges, verification providers and more, along with 3rd-party ad verification providers. In this sense, we also ensure that you are able to transparently leverage on best-in-class solutions to drive your advertising outcomes.


We understand that every market in Asia is different, and we've brought in experts that understand local nuances and best practices. This is reinforced through internal best practice sharing, providing you with local support with regional expertise.


Tap on our team of vertical experts. We have localized teams in all major Asian markets, with backgrounds across ad tech, agency, brands and more. From marketing strategy consultation and planning of activities, to ad operations and data scientists, we have brought in experts to address every need throughout the process.


Apart from our internal training programme, AnyMind University, our experts are also kept abreast of industry changes and best practices through external trainings. This learning does not stop here. Our consultants are also able to deliver complimentary vendor-neutral, customized workshops for your marketing team.

Onboarding We ensure all new clients are successfully onboarded into the full capabilities of AnyMind Group's solutions, providing you with a team of experts to deliver to your needs.
Strategy and optimization Working with clients from over 25 verticals, our team of experts are able to find the right solutions within the AnyMind Group's stack to reach your desired audience. This is also done through white-gloved ad operations.
Analysis We've always believed in transparency, and we'll provide you with the highest level of accessibility and transparency into your data
Consultation Our team of experts understand your pain points and challenges, and provide you with the best solutions to address them. Also tap on AnyMind to drive your knowledge on the advertising ecosystem and best practices.

Why AnyMind Professional Services?

Plethora of ad inventory choices

Leverage on the Display and Video Marketplace for brand-safe, transparent, viewable and fraud-free ad inventory to drive outcome-based buying, or tap on our partner exchanges and networks of your preference. All our inventory is compliant with Better Ads Standards and ads.txt.

Marry digital marketing with influencer marketing

Tap on CastingAsia to take your digital campaigns to the next level. Extend your digital advertising with micro- and macro-influencers that connect with your audience - and even bring in these influencers as spokespeople for your brand.

3rd-party verification, transparency, brand safety, viewability

We've partnered up with adloox for the Display and Video Marketplace and AnyDigital, ensuring high-quality, transparent advertising environments. Additionally, tap on 3rd-party ad verification vendors for third party tech vendors. We have made a commitment to transparency, and we're driving that conversation in Asia.

Local support teams

We understand what works best in your local market. Tap on our regional thinktank to develop the most effective strategy. Our teams in each market range from consultants and planners to ad operations and digital strategists - ensuring you have the best support for all your digital marketing needs.

Strategies for every vertical

We've worked with thousands of businesses locally and regionally, helping them drive performance-based outcomes. We don't just understand local nuances - having worked with businesses across over 25 verticals means we have domain expertise as well.

Unique model

To deliver brand-safe, transparent, fraud-free and viewable advertising, we've developed strong partnerships with local publishers across Asia. Our move to work with high-quality publishers has paid off - we're reaching invalid traffic rates much lower than (the already low) APAC benchmarks. We want you to feel safe about advertising, and we've done the hard work for you.