Making PMPs work – insights from both sides of the ecosystem


Private marketplace, or PMP adoption, has grown in recent times and rightly so. With PMPs, advertisers have more transparent and high-quality media buys, amongst other benefits. At the same time, traders find themselves setting up deals but not being able to deliver them effectively. Having a greater understanding of the supply-side of things would unlock more understanding on how to make PMPs work successfully.

Join us for a webinar, where we’ll deep-dive into PMP deals, from deal type selection and PMP optimization, to deal troubleshooting and leveraging on the various features available on different platforms. We’ll also be unveiling our Deal Discovery Tool to help traders easily find and activate PMP deals across Asia.

The agenda includes:

  • How to make PMPs work
  • What is the best kind of set up you should ask for from your supply partner
  • What type of deal to select in which situation
  • When is it best to have an audience selection and when is it best to choose contextual placements
  • How can you best work with a publisher to activate deals
  • What usually happens during a deal troubleshoot and how to usually resolve these sort of issues
  • Activating on different platforms and how to best leverage the features from the different SSPs
  • What is the best kind of optimization technique
  • Tools to discover supply efficiently and seamlessly

Webinar details
Date: 29 April 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 3.30pm Thailand Time, 4.30pm Singapore Time
Location: Zoom
Registration: Link here

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