Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) Marketplace

Personalized, impactful digital-out-of-home advertising

We're driving connections between the physical and digital worlds - extending true omnichannel ad buying, delivery and measurement across digital-out-of-home placements, and ultimately heralding a world where advertising truly connects.

What is DOOH?

Out-of-home (or DOOH) advertising encompasses digital signage that can be found outside of the home. In the physical world, this refers to digital signage found in shopping malls and retail stores, on the side of buildings, on elevators, in transit stations like airports, train stations and bus shelters, or within transportation, including within vehicles, trains, planes, or on public transport, and more.

Digital-out-of-home advertising connects these digital signages through the internet, allowing for more efficient and scalable advertising delivery, personalized content, and innovative ways to capture the attention of the audience, allowing for brands to supercharge their storytelling.

Personalized, impactful DOOH advertising

You can now access DOOH inventory across Thailand at scale. Whether your desired audience is in transit on the BTS, walking or driving past buildings, taking elevators, at an airport waiting for a flight, or just casually strolling on the street, we're able to find the most effective way to reach them.

Leverage on AdAsia Holdings' ad-serving technology and the reach of VGI's offline-to-online solutions, to build a connected advertising environment to deliver your brand to millions of people.

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DOOH - Transit, BTS, vehicle digital advertising


Deliver personalized advertising to millions of passenger profiles through more than 6,000 digital signages - truly connecting your brand to the urban population.


With digital screens on and in commercial, residential or office buildings, deliver advertising to audiences that matter.


Drive your brand to the masses through a connect network of outdoor LED screens in prime areas.


Engage with a wide range of travellers that are passing through, or waiting for their flights - efficiently connecting your brand to an international audience.

Emerging inventory

With digital signage appearing across Asia and the advent of 5G connectivity, we have the technology to tap on this growing space.

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Why this matters


Reach your most desired audiences wherever they are. Through a mix of location beacons and a connected environment, we drive advertising to audiences that matter.


You can now run out-of-home campaigns digtally. Line up creatives to tell your brand story outdoors to the right audience across multiple locations.


Deliver your ads to where people are looking at. We're building a physical realm of connected advertising, driving out-of-home advertising to a user's device, ensuring audiences receive brand messages that matter to them.

Audience and insights

Through a combination of online and offline audience data, we build connections that matter. Measure and track the effectiveness of your campaigns through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Intelligent delivery

Data-driven and agile decision-making is key to today's marketing. Deliver smart messaging to your desired audience groups, and optimise your targeting and relevance of DOOH campaigns.

DOOH at scale

Leverage on a wide range of hardware and display options, across a variety of audiences. It's time to create physical-world advertising experiences that matter to your audiences.

Buying solutions

Media agencies, marketers and advertisers

Similar to how you're managing online and mobile advertising, our solutions in DOOH provide you with an easy way to purchase and track out-of-home advertising. Leverage on your current video and interactive creative assets to reach, engage and convert users in the physical realm - and drive high-impact brand messaging across audiences at scale.

Demand-side platforms

Offer your clients the ability to reach their audiences throughout physical and digital spaces. Through our wide range of inventory across DOOH, and the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, your clients will have the power to tap on premium, high-impact and effective online and outdoor inventory, that is fully integrated throughout the sales & marketing funnel.

Supply partnerships

Out-of-home advertisers and agencies

Leveraging on a fully integrated online-to-offline advertising solution, you can now gain the efficiency and scalability from online advertising - bridging the previously siloed realms. Deliver your campaigns to audiences that matter, and ensuring greater brand recall by tapping on their mobile and online devices.

Out-of-home owners

Integrate proven technology to your offline or out-of-home media, and increase demand and access from across the globe. We ensure you retain control of your inventory and prices, and we add additional value on top of that. Unlock the real value of your outdoor and out-of-home advertising, and take your inventory to the next level.

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